Divorce is one of the most common reasons people seek the help of a lawyer who practices family law. In many cases, only one spouse wants a divorce, and the other spouse may feel resentment and be uncooperative. Even when spouses are on good terms, untangling two shared lives, dividing property, and managing joint debts can cause stress and confusion. And when a couple has children, a range of legal issues can arise regarding child support, custody, and visitation rights.

In a simple, amicable divorce with no children and few assets or shared property, some people choose to represent themselves and not hire a lawyer. The provisions of a divorce decree, however, are generally permanently binding, so if you’re unaware of court procedures, or the correct language to use in legal documents, a minor mistake could have long-term consequences.

When your marriage reaches the point where it can no longer be saved, the last thing you want is a hostile, drawn-out divorce – and yet, that happens sometimes. The Corbin attorneys at Hill & Hill want to help the people of Corbin and Southeastern Kentucky arrive at a fair and reasonable divorce agreement, in a way that minimizes interaction with the courts and serves the best interest of any children involved. If you need help with your divorce, call us today at (606) 528-7181.



In the United States, many households are facing more debt than ever before. Sluggish economies, job loss, and increases in costs of living have caused many families to rely on credit cards or loans to make ends meet.

Debt and financial problems can create the kind of marital tension that contributes to divorce.

 After divorce, shared debt can continue to cause problems for individuals.

In a divorce decree, one party may agree to assume responsibility for repayment of a shared debt. But when both spouses are named on a shared debt, if one stops making payments, creditors could pursue the other spouse for payment. If one spouse agrees to assume a joint debt, refinancing that debt in his or her name can absolve the other party of any responsibility to repay it.

When a couple jointly owns a home, a car, or other property, the divorce decree defines how that property will be divided. It may take some time to work through who will retain certain property, but you don’t have to figure out every minute detail. With the help of attorneys, a couple can work out an equitable division of property. For example, if one party keeps the marital home, the other could ask for assets that equal half of the home’s approximate value, or request a direct payment for his or her share of the property.

A couple that is legally separated, but not divorced, is still jointly responsible for shared debts. In fact, in Kentucky, if one spouse is unable to pay for expenses considered to be “necessary” – food, or medical care, for example – a creditor may pursue the other spouse for unpaid bills.

To protect your own interests in a divorce, it’s important to have a lawyer on your side. Hill & Hill can help ensure the outcome of your divorce provides you with appropriate financial support and shields you from debt liability. Hill & Hill can also help you understand your options. Call us today at (606) 528-7181.