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Hill & Hill is proud to serve communities throughout the state of Kentucky. Conveniently located in downtown Corbin, our attorneys and staff are committed to providing our clients with a lifetime of legal services.

Throughout our lives we all encounter unfamiliar and worrying troubles – this is where we can be a legal resource for you. Attorneys Amanda and Jeff Hill can assist you with Personal Injury claims, Accidents, Criminal Defense, and Family Law concerns.

The legal team of Hill & Hill is Kentucky born and raised. We are grateful members of our communities and work to serve our friends and neighbors with reliable, quality legal care. If you need a lawyer, or think you might, please give our office a call and let’s talk about your BEST next step forward.

Why Hill and Hill?

We're a Part of Your Community

Kentucky born and raised, our Corbin Attorneys have a first-hand understanding of your concerns. We are active, committed members of our local community, and work to serve families throughout the entire state.

Why Hill and Hill?

A Lifetime of Legal Solutions

We all rely on trustworthy, quality legal assistance throughout our lives. Whether that legal advice is regarding an injury, accident, criminal defense concern, or family dispute - Hill & Hill serves you.

Why Hill and Hill?

A Track Record of Success

Our Attorneys are relied on by hundreds in the community to help secure the best possible outcomes for the legal situation they find themselves in. Our decades of experience provides quality, reliable legal advice.

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If you need legal assistance, find out how Hill & Hill can help you. Call us today, or stop by our offices located at 400 South Main Street in Downtown Corbin, Kentucky.

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By advocating for and protecting the legal interests of individuals within Kentucky, our lawyers help to strengthen our communities. When our family, friends and neighbors are provided with trustworthy, quality legal assistance, we are stronger together.

The attorneys of Hill & Hill have dedicated their careers to representing individuals just like you. Jeff Hill served with the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy, and Amanda Hill previously served as assistant county attorney. Our legal team has the commitment and experience to ensure the best possible outcome for your circumstance.

Hill & Hill is a general practice law office which handles criminal defense cases (at all state and federal levels), bankruptcy cases, divorces, child custody matters, personal injury cases including wrongful death cases and car wreck cases, as well as a wide array of other matters and issues.



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